Measuring and improving performance in the contact centre requires more than the conventional surface-level metrics 

Do you really know what is driving performance in your call centre?   

Conventional performance measures reveal plenty about your outcomes: abandonment rate; average speed to answer; average hold time; first call resolution; net promoter score. 

But there’s an awful lot more that they don’t tell you.  

While these conventional metrics give an indication of the efficiency and effectiveness of a contact centre, they shed little light on the underlying cause and effect of the way you manage your teams, the processes you’ve implemented and the applications you are using. As a result, they contain little meaningful, actionable information when it comes to transforming outcomes. 

This lack of specificity is a widespread problem: 39% of contact centre executives admit to relying on a limited set of numbers that are the easiest to derive, such as revenue figures, sales figures and agent feedback. 

Clearly there is huge potential going unexplored here. Being in charge of such a huge amount of data, contact centre leaders have the means to go far beyond surface-level numbers and inform their decisions with granular insights. These should include:

  • How many of your teams are delivering at optimal flow (the ideal balance between stress (too much work) and boredom (too little work))? 
  • How consistently are your processes being delivered? 
  • What percentage of the work performed could and should be automated? 
  • Which applications and processes in your call centre are really adding value? 
  • How does idle time compare between your teams and how could this be optimised? 

The answers to the above are all in the immense amount of data that flows through the contact centre every day. The challenge? To extract these insights and use them to pinpoint where and how processes can be optimised.  

This is why we built Profit Finder. 

Go deeper with a data-driven Profit Finder diagnostic 

Profit Finder analyses desktop, process, organisation and application data and uses a unique AI-powered diagnostic tool to identify opportunities to improve call centre performance, staff retention, application use and process optimisation. 

Going beyond conventional contact centre measurements, Profit Finder uncovers the types of granular details in your data that can transform the way your agents work and the outcomes they produce. 

For one recent Emergence client, Profit Finder found that automation would save $250k/year in areas of over-resourcing and inefficient time allocation. For example, one of the insights we uncovered was that customer service agents only spent 4% of their time actually speaking to customers.  

Pinpointing these opportunities is only the first step. Emergence Partners provides agile and hyper-bespoke consulting services to validate and build upon each of the business cases Profit Finder identifies, and implement immediate revenue-generating solutions. No more big, slow, expensive teams of consultants. No more assumptions. No more cut and paste solutions. This is in-flight, risk-free, cost-effective and tailored transformation, all based on hard data. 

Contact Emergence partners today to discover if Profit Finder is a tool that can help you deliver Profound Transformation® in your contact centre. 

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