In early 2021 we launched Profit Finder, our starting point for businesses that know they need to improve things but aren’t sure where or how to start.  Profit Finder was set up to kick start a business on its transformation journey, taking a forensic look across people, process and technology and filling in crucial knowledge gaps with empirical data on the specific opportunities for improvement and optimisation through automation.

We originally named it Profit Finder because we wanted to highlight the significant cost benefits that this product delivers. It literally reduces costs and finds Profit and since we’re a new breed of consultancy that does things differently, we kept it simple, removed any mystification and called it Profit Finder – it’s what it does.

But, we are always learning and evolving our products and services based on the marketplace and the feedback we receive from clients, so three months after launching Profit Finder we made the decision to rename it Value Finder.

The benefits of the product go way beyond cost-savings and revenue generation to identify opportunities to optimise ways of working, upskill employees and improve the overall culture of an organisation. It does more than find profit and needs a name to reflect that.

So, sticking to our values as a new breed of consultancy that avoids obfuscation and unnecessary complication we decided that Value Finder better encompasses the impact this product makes, which is to uncover value across your people, processes and technology in order to profoundly transform your organisation.

Find out more about Value Finder HERE

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