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Take the guess work out of people-centric transformation

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Many organisations are finding themselves focused on driving value creation.  Technology has a crucial role to play in delivering positive outcomes, as well as allowing organisations to innovate and even thrive over the next few years.

But many organisations are unsure where to start and need to maintain employee engagement during any tech innovation.

When you need Value Finder:

  • Your legacy tech systems are not fit for purpose
  • You’re not convinced your teams are resourced correctly
  • You’re not sure your processes are being followed correctly
  • Your customer experience is overly complicated
  • You could improve employee engagement
  • You worry the advice you’ve had on how to transform your business is cut and paste
  • No one is giving you hard data on where and how to automate.

Value Finder will give you:

  1. Forensic assessment of your people, process and technology
  2. Identification and prioritisation of revenue-generating improvements for your business
  3. Data-driven business case(s) for change
  4. An accelerated tech transformation journey.

It's not people monitoring, its people engagement

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What’s in a name?  Everything as it happens.

In early 2021 we launched Profit Finder, our starting point for businesses that know they need to improve things but aren’t sure where or how to start.  Profit Finder was set up to kick start a business on its transformation journey, taking a forensic look across people, process and technology and filling in crucial knowledge ...
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Better together: why business and government should strive for ethical unison

The first instalment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been characterised by acceleration; explosions of data, surges of computing power, amplification of robotics. Regulators have been hard pressed to keep pace, and governments have been grasping at technologists’ vapour trails. As an example, the European Commission agreed on a revision to the MifID regime ...
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Challenging the consultancy model

We all know after the past two and half years of remote working that technology has the power to fundamentally transform the world of work. Emergence was set up to be a new breed of consultancy, and we’ve recently taken a bold, innovative step towards using tech to transform traditional consulting. With our new, AI-enabled ...
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