TechKnowledge sessions

Rapidly increase your team's tech acumen

People are at the heart of every business and technology impacts every single one of their roles. These two- to three-hour workshops are designed to increase a team’s tech acumen in a specific area. Common examples include AI, Intelligent Automation, 5G, Cloud and Blockchain, however we deliver highly customised and industry-specific TechKnowledge sessions as well.

How it works

Our workshops are run by a tech educator and a tech subject area specialist. Our sessions are developed for non-technical business leaders in mind and can be delivered virtually or in-person, depending on requirements.

How we help attendees

We help you establish a more forward-thinking mindset, identify opportunities for the role of technology in the business, and kickstart momentum behind a clear vision for profound transformation.

Why tech fluency is a leadership imperative

Every disruption – whether driven by a crisis like Covid-19, a swift move by a competitor or shift in consumer demands due to an emerging technology – has a monumental opportunity nested inside of it. As a leader, it’s your job to guide your organisation to take advantage of that opportunity.

The World Economic Forum reported that the winners of the digital shift so far were those who had “invested well in both technology enabled initiatives and leadership capabilities”, while the losers were those with missing or mismanaged technology investment.

This is why executive leaders must have a grasp of the broader tech landscape and an understanding of the ‘art of the possible’ with existing and emerging tools, and must update this knowledge continuously. Technology is no longer simply the domain of IT – it’s a strategic component that informs the wide-lens trajectory of the organisation.
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