At the start of 2021, Reach PLC were looking to better align their product team and customer departments in order to improve their readership experience and expansion.

The company was presiding over duplicated systems and an overload of products; in short, they needed a holistic and objective overview to understand where and how they could optimise their tech strategy in service of the customer experience.

What we did

Emergence undertook a deep-dive review of Reach’s product and tech landscape, with an immersive five-week long consultation programme which included:

  • User experience assessment via staff and leadership team surveys and interviews
  • Art of the Possible workshops with key stakeholders
  • Diagnosis of key areas of overlap and tension within the product and customer departments.


We co-created a vision for what an amazing user experience would look like for customers and employees, and provided Reach with a report and an action plan to achieve it, which included:

  • Addressing gaps and overlap to streamline the tech landscape
  • Redesigning processes to optimise ways of working
  • Identifying opportunities for automation
  • Engaging employees in tech strategy

Emergence really helped us think through the tech landscape as one team, which we’d just never done before.
– Maureen Mcdonagh, Chief Customer Officer at Reach

The Emergence difference

Our team worked across multiple teams and disciplines to provide holistic insights and guidance to the leadership team, with our recommendations spanning across UX, engineering, workflow design and data. Crucially, we worked closely with a variety of Reach team members to understand their long-term ambitions and tailor our recommendations toward those goals.

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