Profit Finder

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Your legacy tech systems are not fit for purpose
  • You’re not convinced your teams are resourced correctly
  • You’re not sure your processes are being followed correctly and if they are, you suspect they’re creating an overly complicated customer experience
  • You worry the advice you’ve had on how to transform your business is cut and paste
  • No one is giving you hard data on where and how to automate.

Profit Finder will give you:

  1. Forensic assessment of your people, process and technology
  2. Identification and prioritisation of revenue-generating improvements for your business
  3. Data-driven business case(s) for change
  4. An accelerated tech transformation journey.

Profit Finder: taking the guess work out of transformation

Profit Finder is a unique combination of AI-powered diagnostic technology and a bespoke transformation consultant. 
Together they take a holistic view of the people, processes and technology of a business, identify immediate opportunities for improvement and automation and crucially, create a data-driven business case for change.

No more big, slow, expensive teams of consultants. No more assumptions. No more cut and paste solutions.
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Emergence CEO David Poole talks corporate resilience in The Sunday Times

The challenges thrown up by 2020 have shown the increasing importance of corporate resilience and contingency planning in uncertain markets. The survival and continued success of a business has come to rely on the organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt to circumstance while maintaining the vision of a long-term roadmap. In this Sunday Times exclusive ...
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Make profitability your priority

The perfect storm of the pandemic and Brexit have made it imperative for businesses to find fast and effective ways to reduce cost and increase revenues. Technology has a critical role to play. According to IDG’s 2020 State of the CIO survey, two-thirds of CIOs say the creation of new revenue-generating initiatives is now chief ...
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Profit Finder addresses the epidemic of inefficiency in insurance

Valuable resources are being wasted by inefficient insurance processes – exactly the kind that we built Profit Finder to eliminate. Insurance companies have never been light on process. Long customer cycles, enormous data throughput and continual regulatory obligations should theoretically present endless opportunities for optimisation. Naturally, then, such a process-heavy industry might be expected to ...
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