There are so many exciting ways in which technology can help fight climate change: robots planting trees; geoengineering and carbo dioxide removal; preventing honey bee decline with behavioural data analysis. Today we’re focusing on perhaps a less glamorous, but equally powerful vision: process mining and automation in transactional businesses.

‘Lights out’ automation, as explained in this recent piece by Emergence CEO David Poole, will squeeze out unnecessary wastage and excess resources in transaction-heavy businesses – quite literally by turning lights out. Smart offices, with fewer humans and the widespread use of AI and online cloud-based solutions, should dramatically reduce huge office-block requirements for space, energy, resource, lighting, heating, ventilation, sanitation, waste, and commuting. Last year’s drastically lowered CO2 emissions was no mystery: it came at a time when less and less people were stationed in physical workplaces.

Digitally, the combination of process mining and advanced automation technology can be an extremely effective way to transform your company into a leaner, greener business. This could include saving paper by restricting excessive printing, digitising purchase orders and invoice process, or automating and streamlining supply chain operations. Essentially, the endgame is to reduce wasted resources anywhere in the organisation.

Besides all this, of course, people simply want to do business with companies that have shown a commitment to sustainability and other eco-friendly initiatives. According to global research conducted by Nielsen, 81% of respondents reported that it was either “extremely important” or “very important” that companies they do business with implement programs focused on improving the environment.

Proving yourself to be an efficient and low-wastage business is one key way of making a statement. In this regard, our new Profit Finder tool is the perfect solution. Profit Finder is like an MRI scanner for your business: it looks holistically across the whole business, at once, in real-time and assesses processes end-to-end, enabling you to make better, faster and smarter decisions about where to automate and how. It pulls this information all together into an integrated dashboard that gives leaders a bird’s eye view of where resources are being under-or over-utilised: essentially a snapshot of opportunities to re-allocate and optimise business processes with automation.

Too many businesses are over-resourced and under-utilising automation to realistically live up to any ‘Zero-Waste’ labels that they may aspire to. Profit Finder is the perfect starting point: it gives leaders the means to pinpoint exactly how to streamline their business into a leaner, greener machine.

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