Take the risk out of delivering your tech vision with our comprehensive, pay-as-you-go service

Many businesses struggle to get tech projects signed off due to the investment required upfront, when the performance and outcomes are still largely unknown. Even if they get started, many fail in the early stages as the intensity of budget, time and resources outweighs ROI. The result: projects don’t happen or get killed-off early.

Our Process-as-a-Service mitigates that risk and covers the upfront investment – not only in technology but also in the time and resources to deploy and manage projects effectively. This allows you to run your business, while we ensure that the tech is fit for purpose and delivering on the business requirements.

How it works:

We quickly deploy our four-step proven methodology (below). At every step we cover the resources, time, tech and costs to ensure your tech projects are delivered and you see immediate savings. We guarantee the performance and outcomes to eliminate risk and the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model means you can keep us on or take projects back as suits the business.

The benefits:

Risk is virtually eliminated; by funding the work via operating expenditure (as opposed to capital expenditure) you’re paying for the change, improvement and automation as it is delivering results, as opposed to in advance. There’s no worry about the scale or scope of the project: we cover the skills and resources required to ensure all tech projects are fit for purpose and deliver on time, on budget and on vision.

The Emergence Tech+ Stack

Amid continuing economic uncertainty and industry disruption, companies are set to face the future with a renewed focus on business resilience and agility.

With a unique approach that combines technology integration with cultural transformation to achieve impactful outcomes, the Emergence Partners Tech+ Stack architecture provides a platform that leaves no stone unturned in the search for profound business transformation.
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