As businesses lick their wounds after a bruising few months, the smartest organisations will be looking for strategic improvements – not just panic responses to a pandemic. Who is looking beyond immediate recovery, towards virtualization and cloud migration? Which businesses are remodelling their vision for the next ten years rather than the next ten months?

Last week’s Emergence webinar Corporate Resilience: Practical Approaches and New Management Mindsets dealt squarely with these themes. Co-hosting with Everest Group, we pulled together a stellar panel: cloud computing expert and Container Solutions CEO Jamie Dobson, journeyed entrepreneur and WalkMe co-founder Rafael Sweary, and our very own David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners. You can view the recorded version via this link.

Our panel agreed that the last 20 years have shown businesses to be lacking long-term flexibility and planning, with leaders largely favouring short-termist “bouncebackability” over building sustainable resilience. Resilience has been pushed too far down the organisation, reduced to box-ticking exercises like ISO and bare-minimum BCP processes in IT and audit teams. A future-ready organisation needs to place the issue at the forefront of its strategic leadership.

What have we learned? What will we do differently?

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