Our story

Emergence: a new breed of tech consultancy

Technology is the single biggest​ driver of change in the world today.​  It has the power to fundamentally and continually transform the ways​ in which we live and work.​

Emergence exists to make the​ world a better place to live and work​ through the thoughtful adoption​ of advanced technologies.​ We set out to be different. To be true strategic partners to our clients. To listen. To move fast, with passion and purpose.

That approach has never been more important than right now.

Businesses are having to quickly adopt advanced technology to drive better, cheaper and faster services but people are an essential part of this shift. Amid the rush to digitally transform, few businesses prioritise culture.

Leaders must ensure they are set up to allow people to not just keep pace with but propel technology-driven growth alongside cultural success.

And with IT budgets largely unaffected, now is the time to the ask 'what next' for your people, processes and technology.

But this can’t happen without an engaged and tech super-powered workforce.

This means delivering fluidity between humans and technology, that motivates people while also driving cheaper, faster and smarter results.​​

There is always a risk of technology leaving people behind and despite the exceptional circumstances of the past few years, this problem is not unique to now. The wheels of change are constant and accelerating exponentially.​

We improve the way businesses do things in order to exceed the expectations of their customers, employees and shareholders.

We call this

Profound Transformation

and it’s what we deliver for our clients