Claim agents at insurance contact centres are under enormous pressure to answer and close calls but where is the focus on upgrading the customer experience? 

Insurance isn’t a battlefield. So why do so many insurance firms treat contact centres as the trenches, and claims agents as the footsoldiers? 

Rather than acting as the human shield against high call volumes, claims agents can be an insurance firm’s secret weapon. The contact centre is perfectly positioned to serve as the central hub for customer engagement, where agents excel in winning new revenue with seamless and context-aware interactions. This is where the seeds of brand loyalty are sewn. 

To make this a reality, the focus should be on giving claims agents an instant and holistic overview of the customer and their specific needs so that they can upsell or cross-sell products, and handle cases with more complexity. This means having instant access to real-time data about the customer’s past engagement so that they understand who they’re talking to, and so that the same information is never repeated twice. 

After-call work also needs simplifying. Agents that are time-pressed and aiming to hit their targets are unlikely to have the capacity to document contextual, risk or liability information in a thorough way while providing next-level service. This damages both the company’s ongoing customer profiles as well as all subsequent interactions with the customer.  

In other words: the claims process is badly in need of optimisation.

But spotting these hyper-specific opportunities takes more than guesswork, which is why we built Profit Finder to enable businesses to base decisions on empirical data. 

Profit Finder is a unique AI-powered tool that offers a forensic assessment of your people, processes and technology and delivers data-driven business cases for change. Deployed on desktops across the organisation, it enables you to pinpoint opportunities for automation and optimisation in your claims processes: where the gaps in efficiency lie, where precious seconds can be shaved off or new revenue can be won, and where integration between systems and databases can be improved.  

For one recent Emergence client, Profit Finder found that automation would save $250k/year in areas of over-resourcing and inefficient time allocation – for example, one of the insights we uncovered was that customer service agents only spent 4% of their time actually speaking to customers.   

Once Profit Finder has identified these opportunities, a bespoke Emergence consultant will then help you implement technology solutions – such as intelligent automation tools with the ability to compile customer details in a centralised and constantly updating knowledge base, identify optimal upselling opportunities, or automate more nuanced risk calculation.   

This killer combination of Profit Finder’s data-driven diagnostic technology, together with a bespoke Emergence consultant to implement an automation solution from our network of trusted partners, can be the key to upgrading your claims agents from footsoldiers to secret weapons. 

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