Implementation Services

Once you’ve identified where, when and how to deliver digital transformation for your business, the next step is making it happen.

Many businesses see huge wastage of time, resources and budget through the ineffective delivery of transformation programmes. We eliminate these problems with our proven methodology. We work agnostically with a trusted network of expert partners to deliver your programme on time and on budget but most importantly, on vision.

How it works

Utilising the diverse technical and program leadership skills of our team and our technology partners, we start by ensuring that transformation goals are clearly defined. From there we set an implementation roadmap which includes the best-in-class technology partners for each requirement, specific to your business and your vision. We then deliver as a unified team, with precision and pace.

The benefits

With a total focus on delivering the desired outcomes, you are assured that we will do everything in our power to deliver transformation objectives. Our people-centric approach will minimise the disruption to ongoing operations and drive communications and trust across the business.

Same challenges, New solution

Most businesses are dealing with a complex “tech soup” of systems, old and new, which are expensive to run, don’t work together and often aren’t even being used correctly, all of which inhibits their ambitions to embed new and emerging technology. 

For our clients, fixing these challenges can feel almost impossible whilst the business focuses on delivering profit and without the time, money or skills to address the tech transformation that can be its biggest profit-driver.

When they ask a traditional consultancy for help, they are pitched black box services designed to appear complex, opaque and eye-wateringly expensive. Or they try to do it in-house and get caught in the cycle of random acts of automation without generating any value to the business or their users.

Businesses need a new approach – a fast, in-flight and cost-effective way to overhaul their people, process and technology, while improving employee engagement.

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Challenging the consultancy model

We all know after the past two and half years of remote working that technology has the power to fundamentally transform the world of work. Emergence was set up to be a new breed of consultancy, and we’ve recently taken a bold, innovative step towards using tech to transform traditional consulting. With our new, AI-enabled ...
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Is hyperautomation just hype without the automation?

UI Path’s latest seeding round, announced last week, is a serious signal of intent, with CEO Daniel Dines pledging to “bring automation to one billion citizen developers.” The robotic process automation (RPA) market is taking the digital world by storm, with at least one unicorn and a growing number of products, services and addons developing ...
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Get the right formula for net zero unemployment.

There is no shortage of doomsday-style coverage on the ‘rise of the machines’, this headline grabbing narrative has been delivered in increasing volume for the last decade.   The story generally centres around the number of jobs that will be replaced by robots by a certain date (which looms ever-closer) and frankly seems designed to instil fear in everyone from business owners, who may not ...
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