Consulting firm will partner with clients to transform their businesses using disruptive technologies

London, United Kingdom – 15th May, 2020: Emergence Partners has today launched to provide strategic counsel to businesses as they navigate increasingly widespread digital transformation across a variety of industries. The company was formed by an executive team comprising former business leaders at giants from Accenture to Serco, to capitalise on a gap in the market for a new breed of management consultants dedicated to helping businesses incorporate emerging technology. Recent research indicates a staggering 85% of workers do not believe business leaders can succeed in managing disruption, while half of business leaders lack essential digital skills.

Emergence was founded with the specific goal of supporting companies through the so-called fourth industrial revolution, inspiring profound change in immediate and long-term business outcomes. Although the digital economy is predicted to produce 60 million jobs by 2025, almost 1 in 3 business leaders admit to falling behind when it comes to adopting new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning or Automatic Speech Recognition. It is therefore clear that profound mind-set change is required in order for business leaders and management to fully capitalise on the spread of these disruptive forces. By taking an agile, iterative approach focused primarily on business objectives, organisations stand to see from immediate, significant results from such a shift.

The company aims to provide organisations with a broad range of flexible services that can be adapted to individual clients’ needs, including strategic process design, technology immersion, strategic roadmap development and executive education & coaching. With an emphasis on the importance of exponential thinking over incremental strategies in fostering long-term scalability and growth, the firm is dedicated to acting as a vital go-between for the technology sector and the rising number of companies investing heavily in the industry.

Spearheaded by CEO David Poole, a highly experienced business leader who has held senior positions at Capgemini and PwC, Emergence’s team of Founding Partners identified the need for an emerging technology-specific consultancy that addresses these discrepancies head-on. The consultancy will provide ambitious businesses with the necessary tools to embrace and benefit fully from digitalisation, both improving human wellbeing and gaining a crucial competitive advantage in the process.

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