Ethics in Technology
Assessment (ETA)

Safeguard your stakeholders

We offer an independent assessment of your digital conduct and processes. ETA benchmarks the current state of digital ethics in the organisation, and identifies strengths and weaknesses to help you address risks and become a digitally ethical brand.

How it works

Over six weeks, we collect information about your approach to ethics in technology. Using our ETA framework, we analyse the information to produce a report with our assessment of your current state, as well as short- and long-term recommendations to address the key areas that present risks.

What this means for your business

The business will get an actionable and impartial assessment of where you are in your journey to being a digitally ethical business, as well as the clarity on what to do to improve and/or mitigate risks.

Ethics in AI is not a passing fad

The AI technologies fueling the rise of data-driven businesses are littered with ethical problems, yet our data suggests that the way businesses are responding to this persistent and pervasive issue is spotty at best. 
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