4 May 2021, London, UK: Emergence Partners today announces the launch of PROFIT FINDER, a new product which gives businesses a fast and effective way to reduce costs and increase revenues. 

The product is a unique combination of AI-powered diagnostic technology and a bespoke transformation consultant. Together they take a holistic view of the people, processes and technology of a business, identify immediate opportunities for improvement and automation and crucially, create the business case for change. 

The product uses software from German tech powerhouse KYP.ai, who are in an exclusive partnership with Emergence in the UK and which assesses anonymised, real-time, desk-top data from across a business to see what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. Combined with a single transformation consultant the process of creating the business case for change is faster, more accurate and less disruptive than ever before, in most cases, less than five weeks. 

Using Profit Finder eliminates risk for businesses as they digitally transform, by providing empirical data on areas for improvement and automationclearly stating the business case and cost reduction benefits. Previously, businesses had to rely on human decision-making based on potentially inaccurate, misinterpreted or out-of-date data. 

Profit Finder can be deployed into a businesses within a single working day and is fully GDPR and privacy policy compliant. 

Katie Gibbs, Head of Consulting, Emergence Partners says: “businesses are laser focused on delivering profitability right now. But while they’re focused on profit they lack the time and potentially skills to drive tech transformation. They need products and services that can work fast, effectively and crucially with minimum resource-input and disruption to the business.  Profit Finder does that and the results we’re seeing with clients are truly impressive.” 

David Poole, CEO, Emergence Partners adds: “the pandemic and Brexit have created the perfect storm for businesses and they’re feeling the impact in ways we never could have predicted.  Tech transformation can be a key driver in delivering profit and Profit Finder does that by providing fast and accurate data but also, sometimes most importantly, creating a robust, data-driven business case for change, which can go straight to the board for sign-off.” 

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of Global Research Company HFS said: we are impressed with Profit Finder and how it reduces time to value for business transformation projects, regardless of size or sector. It takes complex, data and pulls it into a unified AI rich platform, making it clear to assess, compare and address opportunities for automation or re-engineering. We would rank this as a very high consideration tool for any business looking to make informed and fast decisions on digital transformation.”  

For more information or to book a demo of Profit Finder, please visit www.emergencehq.com/profitfinder  or contact info@emergencehq.com. 

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