Digital Transformation Mining (DTM)

Pinpoint the right opportunities for automation

In the rush to automate, business leaders often end up missing effective automation opportunities or identifying the wrong ones. Both lead to ongoing wastage of resources.

By unifying the strategic capabilities of Emergence business consultants with the plug-and-play power of software, DTM addresses two key pain points: firstly, where to automate; and secondly, how to make the business case for the investment. 

What we do

Combining data-driven AI with human-centric consulting, we help you quickly and accurately assess people, process and tech data simultaneously to give a holistic view of transformational automation opportunities for your business.

How it works

Using our AI-powered transformation opportunity assessment tool, created in partnership with, we provide empirical data on areas for automation, clearly stating the business case and its cost reduction benefits. We then work closely with your Operations and IT teams to ensure smooth and seamless implementation.

Introducing the new breed of outsourcer

The technical complexity of identifying and building business automation cases is a major barrier for non–technical leaders, but that doesn’t mean profound transformation has to be out of reach.

At Emergence, we use AI tools to mine for transformation opportunities and build the fact-based business cases for change, then implement the best-in-class technology to deliver the optimum solution. This Process–As–A–Service (PaaS) model means that you can effectively pay-as-you-go with the use of the suite of technologies you require to deliver profound transformation.
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