Decision Maker

Exponentially improve your customer experience

Combining Emergence consulting methodology with XpertRule’s platform, Decision Maker is a tool that allows the automation of complex decision-making processes. 

Decision Maker addresses the problem faced by many businesses with intricate processes and customer service requirements that until now have to rely on a relatively small pool of skilled agents to resolve the most complex cases. This bottle-neck leads to slower response times, multiple hand-offs, poor experience and ultimately a higher customer churn rate.

How it works

We quickly and securely install decision-mining software that digitally captures and replicates human expertise to allow the automation of complex processes. Together with an expert automation consultant the product will accelerate a business on their tech improvement programme.

The benefits

Decision Maker moves complex decisions – like approvals, underwriting or credit ratings – from the back-office to the front-office, speeding up processes and improving customer experience. Newly automated customer service processes and procedures will reduce customer churn and increase the potential for cross-selling and up-selling.

What is decision engineering and why does it matter?

Decision engineering is widely considered to be the engine room for Intelligent Automation. It involves the automation of corporate decision making, policies and customer interactions. This capability can drive complex customer facing processes such as selling and technical support.

Decision engineering is the process of digitally capturing knowledge that may be intuitive but not necessarily accessible to the business expert, and automatically generating complex decision flows.

This can be applied across both front- and back-office, and cover expertise such as technical support, need analysis, selling, risk assessment, compliance, customer negotiations, and retention. 
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